Subway Jazz Orchestra

Together with his friends and colleagues Janning Trumann and Jens Böckamp, Johannes founded the Subway Jazz Orchestra in June 2013. Since then, the band has been playing a regular concert at the renowned Cologne Club Subway.

Each month there is a totally new set of music, mostly composed and/or arranged by band members.

More info: www.jazz-im-subway.com


Malte Dürrschnabel Altsaxophon
Johannes Ludwig Altsaxophon, Komposition
Stefan Karl Schmid Tenorsaxophon, Komposition
Jens Böckamp Tenorsaxophon, Komposition
Heiko Bidmon Baritonsaxophon
Janning Trumann Posaune
Tobias Wember Posaune, Komposition
Tim Hepburn Posaune
Jan Schreiner Bassposaune, Komposition
Matthias Schwengler Trompete
Volker Deglmann Trompete
Christian Mehler Trompete
Lennart Schnitzler Trompete
Philip Brämswig Gitarre
Sebastian Scobel Klavier
David Helm Kontrabass
Thomas Sauerborn Schlagzeug